Does Overcast still support sideloading?

Subject line says it all. I returned to Overcast recently and am liking it again, but can’t figure out how to sideload MP3 files. Googling for directions is not helping. Help!

Visit and log in—you manage your sideloads through that small web app. I think a subscription is required.


Alas, that does not work.

I have a subscription. That URL resolves to

Go to and log in. Choose uploads from the top of the page and there is a web interface to upload files.

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It works for me if I’m logged in to the site. And that’s the same page @mleibowitz is talking about. Maybe give it another shot?

Otherwise, if you absolutely can’t make that work for some reason:

  • JustCast turns a Dropbox folder into a feed. 3 episode limit in the free version, or $5 per month.
  • If you’re a programmer, you could basically build your own version of JustCast (not super-difficult) that scans a directory and spits out an RSS feed. I built that for my purposes using Backblaze B2 as a back-end.

These options are really nice because you can have different feeds for different purposes, rather than one huge “Uploads” folder. And you can also exceed the 10GB Overcast limit.

I tried uploading an audio Bible that was broken out by chapter to Overcast, and I not only hit the file limit (not the posted limit, but an actual limit that was lower), but the file order got shuffled. Not a good time. But easy enough to do with my own integration.

Best of luck!

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Am I the only one that uses Downcast? It sideloads right out of anything… nextcloud, icloud, transmit, dropbox, devonthink, etc… etc… The developer is super responsive and I cannot think of any feature that is missing.

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Not now, I just downloaded it on my Mac and it feels good so far.

I recall that I tried it and found the device syncing to be pretty bad. One nice thing about Overcast is that I can be playing on one device and then switch to another one with almost no loss of playback position.

I seem to recall that it was almost nonexistent with Downcast at the time I tried it.

ETA: I opened it up again and played with it, just for the purpose of reconsidering. And I ran into the problem I’d had before. When importing media from my computer, it would make the feed on my computer - but it won’t transfer that playlist / media to my phone. And that’s a dealbreaker for me.

I asked the dev about it, and he said: “Not at this time, unfortunately. I plan to offer this in a future update but I don’t have an ETA on that at this time.”

So if that feature showed up, I’d be much more amenable to giving it another go. :slight_smile:

I’ve used Downcast. I actually like its less opinionated/more granular options ethos quite a bit. But for a heavy podcast listener, compared to Pocket Casts, Overcast and Castro, it takes too long UX-wise to manage feeds and downloads, doesn’t offer as high quality of audio, and doesn’t obtain and sync updates as reliably. I wouldn’t insist someone switch from it by any means, though, especially given it is the cheapest of the serious third party clients (and isn’t a subscription which is a huge plus.)

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I’ll give it another try. Thanks!

How are you managing your feeds and downloads? I have mine set to autodownload every new ep. It keeps the most recent and requires no manangement and I never even think about it. I click on the podcast and it even auto plays. :slight_smile:

In addition to Downcast, which does a good job of sideloading IMO and used to be my main podcast player (I’ve switched to Castro for now), you might check out Bound — Audiobook Player. It lets you play audio files from a Dropbox folder (or other cloud service), and does a very nice job of it.

Someone also made a shortcut to side load.

Yes, that’s just fine, really! I wouldn’t be able to listen to as many podcasts without triaging individual feeds, quickly managing long podcasts per chapter, and more intelligent volume boosting and space skipping, and a faster sleep timer UI, so I’m using a different client, but that doesn’t mean Downcast is doing the wrong thing and I like many of the granular options (like letting you choose start time at one second intervals instead of Overcast and Castro’s 5 second intervals, and all the sideloading and video play options.)

For me it just sends me to the log in and then upload page.
So nothing has changed it seems?

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I seem to be unable to sign up for a subscription. I suspect that is the root of my problem.

You might have to go to Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions and re-enable yours, and then, in the Overcast app, in its Settings > Account, make sure it’s showing the email you expect and isn’t anonymous. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to test changing those settings myself (or this is simply irrelevant.)

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