Does ProMotion matter?

I’m attracted by the idea, and like what I’ve seen in the store … but I’m wondering what difference it truly makes. Anyone have thoughts? To what extent will the latest Air suffer without it?

I went from the 1st generation 12.9" iPad to the 2018 model and in day to day use I haven’t noticed much difference. However, it does contribute to decreasing lag when using the Pencil, which is noticeable when drawing or handwriting with the Pencil.


I agree with Chris – with the Apple Pencil it makes a tremendous difference, and it’s the only reason I sold my 1st gen iPad Pro to upgrade to the 2nd gen when it came out. For everyday, non-pencil use it doesn’t add much.

If you compare the two screens side by side the ProMotion is a much better, much smoother, much more streamlined experience. It’s in-line with Apple’s idea of “making the machine invisible” and helps develop more seamless interactions between you and the device.

At the end of the day, it’s nice to have, but I wouldn’t put too much weight on it – unless you’re going to be using the pencil for note-taking / drawing!

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I’m always surprised to learn that others experience a noticeable amount of lag when using Apple Pencil with non-ProMotion iPads. I have an original iPad Pro 12.9 and never seem to notice it lagging (exception: Evernote, but I blame that more on their mobile app than the IPad).

I would describe it as “slight, but noticeable”. Not a huge deal, but I can tell the difference.

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I notice the lack of Promotion now that I have a Pro, but I didn’t at all before then. However, I’m artistically completely inept. :slight_smile:

I’ve never noticed the difference. On the other hand, I don’t notice the difference between the OLED iPhone X(s) display and LCDs either, so my opinion might best be considered suspect.

I actually run my iPad Pro with it off; something about the high refresh rate makes me feel sick.