Does Safari support bookmark separators?

I’m looking to switch from Firefox to Safari to get some Safari specific features like power saving, handoff, and applescript support for Keyboard Maestro.

However, I noticed that Safari doesn’t support, or at least doesn’t seem to support, bookmark separators. I use them pretty extensively for subcategories of bookmarks. For example, I might have a bookmark folder called “Finance” with links for investing logins, bank logins, cc logins, financial calculators, etc in there, with each type of website divided by the separator. So if I need a financial calculator, I know it is between 2 separators of the calculator group. My eyes go there and from there I pick the specific link I need for my calculation.

I could replace separators with folders. It would be a non-trivial amount of work since they are used for hundreds of bookmarks, but it would be even better to not have to do that. it would also be slower as I’d have to click on the folder to get the bookmark list, scan the folders, click on the correct folder, and then select the link .

Are separators a hidden feature I can unlock via the developer menu , or are making subfolders the best option? tags might work, but I don’t think Safari supports bookmark tags. This migration idea is looking worse the more that I think about it. lol.

Yes, Safari doesn’t have Bookmark separators. This website is a clever hack around that. Mind you that the “separator” thus created is clickable, but you could conceivable replace that with a Javascript link that displays a dialog or something like that.

Anyway, my approach for managing bookmarks while testing basically every other browser out there is to have my bookmarks in a Finder folder in the form of .webloc files. So I dont use the Bookmark Menu ever, just have a shortcut to open a Finder window with that folder and let Choosy run the browser I want. This requires more clicks but I can also tag my bookmarks and manage them in a browser independent way.

I haven´t tried it by myself, but maybe this still works

Yes, that’s the same technique from the website a posted but with the added “Javascfript that does something like that”. It’s a better guide and yes, the technique works.

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Thanks for your responses. So there isn’t separator support, and the “hack” isn’t a good solution for my needs. I’ll stick with Firefox , and I’ll keep an eye on Safari updates to see if they add the features I want.

May I ask, why the “hack” isn’t a good solution for you?