Does TextExpander 5 for Mac work in Mojave?

I currently use TextExpander 5 for Mac and haven’t yet upgraded to Mojave. I know that Smile Software is no longer supporting the standalone Mac app, but I’m curious if it will still work if one upgrades from High Sierra to Mojave. Has anyone tried it?

I like TextExpander, but I’m not the kind of power user that can justify $40 per year on a subscription.

Yep it works (tx 5.1.5 here). =)

Thank you! I’ve got my finger poised over the Update Now button, but I’m still waiting on MailTags, alas …

There is a beta, at least, for the MailTags replacement for Mojave:

I don’t use, so I can’t say I’ve tried it, although I think @MacSparky has (I think he’s the one who I learned about it from).

That being said, I’m sticking with High Sierra. I don’t see anything in need in Mojave, and I’m hoping Apple will relax some of the automation restrictions nonsense.

Smile support had responded on the Mojave compatibility question as follows:

TextExpander 5 will run on Mojave, but note there are no plans to update for Dark Mode at this time.

Which is sufficient for me, for my use of TextExpander.

I’m trying Airmail once again to see how it compares. This attempt has been more stable than in past attempts.


I did try the MailSuite beta while I was still on High Sierra. The results were not pretty, maybe because I hadn’t yet upgraded to Mojave. So … I uninstalled it, trashed all my MailTag tags, upgraded to Mojave and moved on. Fortunately, I am a new user so I hadn’t built up a whole library of tags and projects.

Now that more of the apps I use regularly support more robust tagging, I’m in the process of creating a consistent tagging architecture* that will work in ALL the apps where I rely on tags - e.g. OmniFocus, Devonthink, Mail, etc., so rebuilding what I had in MailTags isn’t really going to be a bad thing. Once I’ve got the tags sorted, I’ll try again with MailSuite.

  • I found there were plenty of instances where I was using one tag for something in Devonthink, a different one for the exact same thing in MailTags, and yet a third version in another app. That’s just squandering neurons!