Does the 24-inch M1 iMac tilt forward?

I’m about to replace an old Mac mini with a 24-inch M1 iMac. For the mini I use an Apple Cinema display I bought 300 years ago. The Cinema display can tilt forward a little bit, which works perfectly for the way I use it.

Does the iMac tilt forward at all? I can only find pictures of it tilted back or standing perfectly straight. I’m wondering if I’ll need to get the one with a VESA mount.

Looks like it:

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Very slight tilt. The picture top of the iMac is lined up with the picture. It is in full tilt position. Sorry for the slight angle.

Corrected my measurements --With the iMac facing me in flat position, the front top edge is 10" from the wall behind it. When I lean it forward it is 10.75". With the the front bottom edge at 10" from the wall, when I lean it forward the bottom is 9.75" from the wall. The screen from top to bottom is about 14-13/16". Maybe you or someone else can do the math and come up with an angle.

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I know this doesn’t necessarily answer your question. But you can buy the VESA version of the iMac and it can move freely in all directions.


About 5.8°


That’ll probably get the job done.

I appreciate the effort!

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@ChrisUpchurch did the hard part.

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I will always buy VESA iMacs. Did it last time and it adds so much versatility.

I was thinking about getting a VESA adapter for my iMac Pro, but looks like I’ve waited too long, and they aren’t available any more :slightly_frowning_face:

Ugh. I hate eBay. I almost had one for $33+ shipping, but someone outbid at the last minute.
Another auction site I use extends auctions by 5 min when someone bids within the last 5 mins, and can go on indefinitely. eBay - Grrr.

Probably a divine message to retire it :wink:

I need it to keep my office warm in the winter :slight_smile:


I thought that was what the lap cat was for.


Got one from an eBay vendor for $37+~10 shipping.
I like it. It always felt precarious perched on the Twelve South stand or the next stand I bought.
No option in System Preferences to rotate the screen though :slightly_frowning_face: