Does the Caséta Lutron stuff require a hub for HomeKit?

I’m thinking about grabbing a dimmer switch from them. I’m reading conflicting info and not sure. Thanks!

Or is there a competing product that works better with HomeKit?

This looks like no hub required?

Thanks in advance!

Look likes you do need a bridge, see here;

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Can you get @joost a discount then? :wink:

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The Lutron hub/bridge is solid, too. I seldom have to reboot the Lutron bridge. I can’;t say that for some of the other bridges in my system…

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I talk about Lutron Caséta for a bit on the latest episode of MPU. These products work really well for me. I currently have eight Lutron devices in my house, plus the hub, which I have connected to an Eero Pro located in the center of my house. Everything works great.