Does this Forum Create Siren Calls?

Oh, I am already tempted, but with a 14” MBPro already, I cannot justify the Air. It would be redundant, and it makes little sense to trade in the MBPro for the Air, since I would be taking a huge step down in capability (the MBPro has 32GB and 4TB, M1 Max, so highly spec’d out).

What I will most likely wind up doing is getting a Mac Studio, rather than an Air, since I am working so much at my desk at home that there is some sense in having a desktop. That way the 14” can live in my bag most of the time. At some point I imagine there will be a need for someone in my family to have an upgrade, and then I will consider whether the hand down the 14” and get an Air, but we will see.


The sirens don’t do much for me. After years of listening to them my ears are not what they were. Anyway, this is a great forum. I am not the power user like many. I have been listening to the podcast since 2015.

The hardware is a long term investment for me. Whether is is an iPhone, iPad, iMac, or MacBook Air. If I am looking for solutions I come here first to look at what others are using. The last investment was iA Writer.

Oh yes. I was a beta tester for the first versions of Conflict Catcher!

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I have one in my cart on Amazon. Totally unnecessary for me as well. Let’s see who caves first!


I come here looking for the sirens.


There’s a solution for this, which I use for most user communities I participate in:


If you check for new/updated posts frequently, how is that different from Twitter or Facebook? You are using it as social media, so it will have similar effects. Sure, there is no algorithm here, but it will be a feed of new things, SHINY new things, always distracting/tempting you.

INSTEAD - only use it as a resource!! If I have a question or curiosity about something Mac I come here and search for answers. I find my answer, I move on. That’s it.

Here in two back-to-back comments we have exactly what makes MPU perfect. The study in contrasts:


I don’t think you can sum our community up any better. :smile:


I found an easy solution to these siren calls.

I recently spent a lot of money on something I hadn’t budgeted or saved for.
So no new software/hardware for me for the rest of the year at least.
Any new shiny thing has to be free. And any time I feel like changing things up, it has to be with software I already own. (One thing I’ve learned about my processes — I like change. One of my routines is changing my routines).

This frees up a lot of time and mental energy!


Which hints at the quality of the suggestions posted here. I also often take a look at software/hardware suggested here. And adopted many of the products.

Also photography, not astronomy. Add mountaineering, cycling (mountain bike AND road), surfing, travel… Apps are really cheap. :smiley:

I am pretty set in my ways now: I looked up the great Aleh Cherp the other day, partly because he was in the ‘acknowledgments’ section of an amazing book I have been reading: his advice provided, along with MPU in the Katie days, my basic and initial power set up. Aleh is now using a very different set-up, worth looking at: I believe he has been a guest on MPU?

I have, it may interest somebody, stuck with my own set-up. The only thing likely to cause changes now would be collaboration or some institutional need. I do rely, unlike it seems Aleh, on DEVONthink 3 and Keyboard Maestro. I would like to know his views on both and more importantly how DEVONthink 3 works for collaborative research. @DEVONtech_Jim might like to chip in?