Does this kind of Mac video app exist?

In short, I’m looking for a very simple video playing app that will also show me the waveform of the audio from that clip. Here’s a mockup of what I’m talking about:

A video player would be ideal, but I’m guessing a very lightweight video editor would also do the trick as long as I can right-click on a file and open it quickly in that editing software. I know I can open MP4s in Audacity to see just the waveform, but I’d really like to see both the video and audio.

I’m a YouTuber and have a ton of video files to go through every week, and I’d like to be able to very quickly scan to see if there’s talking is in a clip (or how much there is) and quickly go through the clip by finding the talking sections before I load the clip into my video editing software (Premiere Pro).


Looks like this might be what you want.

Configure Videoloupe’s timeline to display either an audio waveform or frame thumbnails of the current video.

Little side note: I’ve used Audacity for waveforms and spectrograms too, but ocenaudio’s native UI is just so much nicer and faster.


I just downloaded Videoloupe, and it’s basically exactly what I wanted. Thank you! I’ll check out oceanaudio too.