Does YouTube on Safari stutter when in the background for you too?

  1. Start a YouTube video. Doesn’t have to be high-res. I was watching this 360p video.

  2. Switch to another app, leaving the video playing in Safari in the background.

  3. After about 10-20 seconds, I get very choppy audio.

  4. If I switch back to Safari, it immediately fixes itself.

I have no Content Blockers applied to YouTube, so it’s not one of them interfering.

I saw this on my 16" MacBook Pro and now my 13" MacBook Air (M1).

Just me, or do others have this experience too?

I do have my MBA hooked to an external monitor. Maybe that is a factor? I’ll check next time I’m untethered.

in my case, scrolling gets very choppy. In YouTube’s video page, scrolling down to see comments will make the page rendering stutter much.
I never experience any audio issue in youtube, but I often get robotic sound from my colleague if I try to do peer programming using Google Meet screen share, while running iOS and Node builder.

Only happens with Safari. The same issue won’t happen on Firefox, even with >20 active pages.

MBP 13" 2018 8GiB, latest Catalina, latest public Safari

When watching this video in Safari, my 16" MacBook Pro starts making weird fart noises. Is that what you’re talking about?