Domain E-mail Account

Hey MPU,

I am cleaning out some of G-Suite accounts. I was curious if anyone else had similar issues like I encounter.

Scenario - You start a project, you get excited, you acquire a domain name and then also decide to be more professional and get a G Suite account for that domain. You are the sole user.

Fast forward several projects, and you can easily rack up $20-40/month. What other options would there be having an E-mail @yourdomain other that G Suite? Or am I looking at this all wrong?

I use Dreamhost and have several domains hosted by them on my single account. I think unlimited, as I recall. It’s something like $170/yr.
For each of those domains, I can set up email accounts for e.g. Then it’s just a matter of adding the account to my email client(s). Alternatively, the email can be a forward-only account and I could forward it to a single account that I monitor.
There’s no extra charge for adding more domains, or adding email accounts to those domains.

I bought my domains through GoDaddy. It allows email forwarding such that I can create up to 100 emails address to forward to. For instance, I may have to forward to my free account. I use this way to mainly register for any websites account and if they start spamming me, I’ll delete it off.

I’m not sure if this serves your purpose. If you plan to do lots of communicating per project, I’m not sure email forwarding will work for you. But if it’s just collecting email, maybe it will serve.

Instead of G Suite you could also use a single Fastmail account to handle up to 100 different custom domains.


I’m with @rob

I have one Fastmail account which I use for 3 of my domains. USD50 a year. A reasonable price. Plus the feeling of being away from Google or any big tech is priceless :slight_smile: