Domain Organization?

Hey MPU,

Would love to hear thoughts on the following…I am the owner of (a Coptic Orthodox Radio app), it’s available on iOS and Android and one can use the website as well to listen from. It’s need some updating. I have plans this year on expanding (adding a blog, forums, store-front)

Option 1 - Run the blog, forums, and store (each under a sub-domain)
Option 2 - Move the current site to .app (and keep blog, forums, store all under the .com)

I know it’s probably a matter of preference, but just trying to follow (if it exists) any proper web etiquette, rules, naming, etc.

I would vote for option 1. Basically apps are services now and not actual mobile apps. In other words if you want to introduce web app, then you will lock yourself in multiple domains.

I would only go for option 2 if you think it’s easier to remember. That’s really the only tangible benefit of having a different domain and all other sub domains being different.

I would go for option 1. One-stop shopping at your .com domain.

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I think keep it all under one domain is the best for the long run. It should simplify your life somewhat, and sub-domains or sub-folders should be sufficient for most things.

I tend to view dot-app sites as landing pages which most likely tell me an overview of the app and give me App Store links, not a full website.


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