Dongle question

I’m looking for dongle that has more than one USB-C port on it. All i’m finding right now only has one.

What device are you trying to connect? Hyper has some products with more than a single USB-C port on it, but I believe they also block both Thundebolt ports on the sides of the current generation MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs.

I’m at a point where I’d love one with 3-4 USB-C ports on it - I’ve got a MacBook Air (2018), and sometimes 2 ports just isn’t enough, and I’ve gotten the USB-C cables linking my tech to the laptop. Sometimes, it’d be nice to have my external hard-drive, ethernet adapter, and external monitor all plugged in at once via USB-C.

Attaching to IPad Pro 12.9. I’ve been using more USB-C devices and now that I can attached my port SSD drives, i need one more USB-C port on my dongle. The two I have only have the one that I use for power.

This is response I got from other site.

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And you got your answer. :man_shrugging: