Don't have permission to write to folder

Semi-recently, I started to get an error. I’ve been on Catalina for at least a year but this is a recent problem.

Here is a workflow I’ve done for ages.

  • I drag a photo out of the Photos app onto my desktop.
  • I open it up and make minor edits (e.g. resizing)
  • CMD-S to save.

Recently, I have been getting the following message:

“The document could not be autosaved. You don’t have permission to write to the folder that the file is in.”

When I Get Info on the folder, it says that I have Read & Write permissions. It also says that ‘everyone’ has No Access.

When I Get Info on the file itself, it says I have Read & Write permissions, staff has Read only and everyone has Read only.

Not sure if there is a setting somewhere I need to change that somehow got changed.

I know I could export out of Photos but honestly, I’m so used to doing it this way that it would be great to get it to work again.