Doorbell Recommendations


Appreciate sharing your Smart Doorbell recommendations. Wirecutter is recommending Arlo and Nest. Arlo does not seem to have anything special. Nest looks great, but can’t imagine giving Google video stream of my front door.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

I currently have the Ring Doorbell Pro. It’s been great so far, but there are a few glitches in it (as with the whole Ring system). There’s a delay between getting the actual notification and the doorbell, or a delay in opening the app, and the person is already gone type of thing. I have been using it for 3 years now, it did its job for those 3 years. For the the last year, I have been moving over to Unifi, I heard they released a doorbell a few months ago, I am planning on making that my next purchase to incorporate in my Unifi system at home.


I have the Logitech Circle Door bell. It’s main selling point for me was direct HomeKit integration. Some negatives though are, what I feel, a small field of view and an always on light for “colored night vision”. I’m hopping the 2nd Generation will be better.

I’ve been pretty happy with my Ring. Haven’t tried anything else. It does have some lag in notifications. Image quality is great. My dog has learned to associate the notification sound to someone coming to the door so we get barking too.

We’ve had the Ring Pro doorbell for several years now and it’s been okay. With “Amazon Sidewalk”, Ring’s latest move has pushed me too far and also looking at alternates.

Right now I like the Logitech, but eufy is definitely in the lead.

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Any update on this? New doorbell recommendations? Thinking about making the leap here.

I use UniFi G4 doorbell via homebridge. It’s a bit more complicated to set up but it doesn’t need a cloud component nor subscriptions.

My Logitech is having overheating issues, which according to HomeKit Insider is a common problem. It’s also been taken off of the “HomeKit Compatible” list from Apple but is still being sold by Apple. It still works with HomeKit.

Since my last post, I have made some changes to my home setup. I got rid of Ring completely in my house and moved fully over to Unifi with cameras, doorbell and networking. The G4 Doorbell is great!