Dowloading audio from a player

There is a particular radio show that I want to listen to. I usually go into Overcast to find it, but this particular episode is nowhere to be found - neither in

The link is here:!00:00:00

I can listen to it online on the site through their native player, but not anywhere else. Does anyone know of a way to download audio from such a player on a website through an iPad Pro?

My knowledge of Danish is limited. Jeg taler ikke dansk!

I looked at the source code and it seems this:

links to episode 90. Replacing the 90 with another episode (I only tried 89) seems to download/access other episodes.

I opened the link on Safari on the iPad and it started playing. Then I selected “Save in Dropbox” and it stored it as MP3. Now I have a copy of the podcast in Dropbox and can take it from there. Export? Open With?


Thanks @Lars how did you get a look at the source code? Can I do that on an iPad as well?

The link you provided is to the latest episode. So I would have to figure out which episode the episode that I want to download has.

There are a few tools that will show you the source code. I had one before, and it stopped being supported at some new iOS version. I currently have Sourcery installed, but the most recent update was October 2014. Still works though, but I’m worried about it’s future.

Search the AppStore for “source code reader” and you will find quite a few options. This might be my cue to replace Sourcery too :slight_smile:

EDIT: A little bit of searching led me to discover that Textastic 7 can be used as well. This is my preferred code editor, so I already had it installed. For any page in Safari, change the URL from “http://” or “https://” to “textastic://” and the page will be loaded in a proper editor.



Thanks. I will look into it when I have time and report back

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Looked at the link to the RSS feed and checked it. Did it on my Mac, no idea how to do that on an iPad.

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HTML Viewer Q is a totally free iOS app:

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Yes; with iCab Mobile, a powerful browser for iOS.

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Thanks Rob! I will look into it when I have time and report back :sunny:

To see source code for any webpage on iOS I use this “built-in” solution:

  1. Open any webpage and save a bookmark

  2. Edit this bookmark and change the address to the following JavaScript:


  1. Change the name to something like “See source code” and put the bookmark as a Favourite which will always show this bookmark

Now when “opening” this bookmark on any page will open a new tab and show the source code for the webpage

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