Downgrading from Safari 13 to Safari 12 on macOS High Sierra

I foolishly updated to Safari 13 on my MBP running High Sierra, only to find that it broke most of the extensions that I rely heavily on including 1Password 6, Instapaper, Evernote, and Fontface Ninja, amongst others. Yikes! Is there a way to revert to Safari 12? Are the extensions likely to be supported on High Sierra? This page (especially the procedure laid out by @AsburyParkJoe) makes the downgrade look very drastic and cumbersome.

I don’t know about downgrading Safari but you might consider moving to a different browser that supports the extensions that you use for example Firefox.

If you want to stick with Safari you’ll need to upgrade to 1Password 7 or switch to a different password manager for example Enpass. Instapaper has a bookmarklet that you can install which works fine. I tested it this morning.

Yeah, Apple should not have pushed that without a warning, IMO. I’m sure lots of people were unaware that their extensions would break.

I would definitely not try to downgrade.

If you have a backup bootable clone, you could restore the entire system from that and then choose “Ignore” for the Safari update in the App Store updates (to make sure it doesn’t get auto-updated), but that’s fairly drastic… assuming it’s even something you have.


Interesting post from uBlock’s developer about this.

@Ajay I’d suggest you take a look at the Brave browser, which uses Google’s Chromium browser code as a base (thus letting you use all Chrome extensions) while ripping out Google’s tracking code. And it comes with built-in ad-blocking. Fontface Ninja (I use Fontanello), 1Password, Instapaper etc all have Chrome extensions (that work fine in Brave.)


Looking at your extension list they will most probably support this safari version shortly (or even now)
Some devs won’t make the effort, like uBO, but most will.

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Thank you all for your comments. I will hold on to Safari 13 and, like @JKoopmans says, hope for the extensions to get updated!

I am particularly surprised by the complete silence from Instapaper on the issue. Their Twitter accounts and blog don’t say anything about it and only post a handful of times a year. Given the amount of stuff I have (and probably will never read!) on the app I do hope that it continues to be in active development.

Is anyone else surprised by how ugly the disproportionately large Favorites section in the Address bar is?

On your suggestion I tried Brave on my iMac. The browser looks good based on a quick first look, but the 1Password extension does not work.

I downloaded and installed the 1Password extension Version through Brave’s extension manager. The 1Password icon and its dropdown menu appear, but nothing works. Website login pages that are in my 1Password vault are not recognized.

I am willing to use an alternative to Safari, but support for the 1Password is required. I am using the standalone version (v6) of 1Password, not the subscription version.

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I’ve been using Brave for a while and sadly it doesn’t support the standalone version of 1Password, which is the one I use as well. It looks like 1Password 7 is required for Safari 13 and Brave.

I have been quite satisfied with the standalone 1Password 6. Should have figured that it was too good to last.

Apple’s relentless “upgrade” changes are replete with unwelcome consequences. Those most troubling for me have been disabling two of my most valuable apps - 1Password 6 and ScanSnap Manager for my Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 scanner.

Apple does not charge for its “upgrades”, but they are very expensive anyway.

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The extension works for me in Brave. When launching the browser you need to then log into 1P to unlock it.

I think that is the extension that comes with 1Password 7. We have the non-subscription 1 Password 6, which doesn’t support Brave. Strangely, it does work on Chrome.

Ah okay. sorry it didn’t work for you. But I don’t think it would be fair to ding the browser if you don’t have the latest version of 1P. If you’re okay with Chrome (I still have it installed, with adblockers and a host of other extensions - but I mainly use Brave) it would be a good enough option until Safari offers the extension support you need.

I am not familiar with the extension support in Firefox (its extension system is incompatible with Safari’s or Chromium-based browsers) but you might want to look into them as well.