Download Apple Map

I’m going to be traveling about 5 hours through mountain roads where cellular service is spotty at best. I pulled up my route today thinking I could save it for offline use, but I don’t see how to do that. Am I missing something? I have iOS 12 on my iPhone and iOS 11 on my iPad.

No I don’t think you can do that with Apple Maps.

You can with Google Maps, however.

I believe that Apple Maps will cache the maps for your trip ahead of time, but if you end up with a detour or something, you risk losing the cache. I’d definitely use Google Maps if coverage is an issue.

(Actually I still have a standalone GPS that I keep in the car “just in case” although it rarely ever gets used. I doubt I’ll ever buy another one.)

Thanks. That’s exactly what I did. Downloaded the map in Google. When I got the Apple Watch I started using Apple Maps more and I assumed they had added this feature. For a big trip, it seems an important safeguard. is made for this.

Google Maps is fine. I spent a month driving around the USA with no cell service and just relied on downloading Google Maps. Worked great.

I use an app called Here, I think it’s made by Nokia, it has offline maps

The Apple Watch integration with Apple Maps was the only thing making me want to stay with Apple Maps. But it all worked out and I had the downloaded Google map for backup.