Download / offline watching a field guide on an ipad?


Does anyone know how to download an entire section or the whole guide to watch offline on an iPad? I’ve got a flight tonight. If I hit download on an individual video it opens a new tab which isn’t really that helpful.

I downloaded them on my Mac, put them in Plex, then System need that to my iPad. If you don’t have Plex, syncing through Dropbox and marking those files to be stored locally on your iPad would probably work (if you have enough Dropbox storage).

If you’re iPad only and don’t have any access to a Mac, my thought would be to try iCab (the Swiss Army knife of solutions to iPad issues). IIRC it offers the ability to download video files rather than opening them in a tab for playing.

It would be nice if @macsparky offered a mass-download link for folks who bought the course, rather than downloading each video individually.