Downloading Music From iPad

My mother’s computer awhile had a HDD die and she lost all of her files. She has been asking me for awhile if there was a way for her to get all of her music off her iPad so she doesn’t have to re-rip all of her CDs.

Anyone know of a solution to do this? I saw there are some apps out there that claim to do this for $40 and I’m trying to avoid those if I have to. I don’t really care if its tedious, just need something that exposes the devices file system to me to copy files over.

You might be able to accomplish this with iMazing (if the copies on her iPad are truly from her ripped copies) — it’s the only tool I’d pay for to get access to the device. (There’s a lot of sketchy companies out there because this is not an Apple-sanctioned activity.)

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I saw iMazing. Guess I need to look out for a time its on sale or in one of those Mac Bundles deals. They had a good deal during the MacStories anniversary sale.

Have you tried connecting the iPad to a Mac and syncing it? When Apple finally negotiated the end of DRM in iTunes for music, it became easier to get access to the music files themselves. It’s certainly worth a try — but do it with a temporary account so her music doesn’t affect other music libraries.

I lost my Mac iTunes music library a few years ago. I don’t know if it works with an iPad, but I got my 11000+ ripped songs back from my iPod using Senuti app. (That’s iTunes spelled backwards.) It downloads all your songs into an iTunes library. Whatever it cost (I’m thinking $30?) was worth it to me, not to have to rip all those CDs again! — The Apple store guy told me about it, off the record, as they weren’t supposed to tout off-brand things. —