Downloadning torrents on an iPad

I realise this is a bit sensitive, but does anyone know of a good way to download torrents, audio & video, solely using an iPad?

not an easy way, no.
(But if you have a synology somewhere you can download to that?)

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There are torrent cloud services like and, some of which have limited free tiers, in which you paste the torrent file, they do the downloading to their service, and you download at your convenience. I don’t have one of these accounts but I know people who do.

Here’s an article from a couple of years ago about Seedr:

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A year on from this, I’m curious to learn if anyone has found a more reliable or better way to do this?


More reliable, more hands-off, more private than a paid cloud service which does the (dirty) work for you and lets you download from them at your leisure? Not that I know of. Seedr and Bitport both have free tiers with limitations (Bitport for instance has 1Gb storage, one ‘slot’ for downloads, HTTP only), and paid tiers start around US $5/month, paid with credit card or bitcoin.)

Bitport, for example, lets you download torrents safely to the cloud and then even play them online. The online torrent downloader runs and completes downloads while your devices are off, and you can access your files anywhere, and all torrent downloads are checked by NOD32 antivirus.

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