Downloads Folder Location

I was curious if anyone changes the location of their Downloads Folder.

Synology has a “Drive Client” that I downloaded to my mac. It’s a local folder on my Mac that is synced to a folder on my Synology. I can adjust it to be a one-way or two-way sync.

Is there anything I should be concerned about if I change the Safari/Chrome downloads location to that “local drive client”.

Is the reason you want the downloads to get synced to your Synology, or that it copies it there?

If it’s if you want the download straight to the NAS and you use Chrome, you could use an extension to send the downloads there straight away with Synology Download Station plugin.

Issues I’ve run in to with similar systems (but not the drive client) is that depending on the browser, it can download a tempoary file in to the downloads folder which gets moved. I think Firefox and Safari both do this - it caused me some issues with File Juggler on Windows when I tried it and Resilo Sync would try syncing these temporary files. Even blocking the transfer of partial files caused issues (perhaps less with Safari, as I think it’s the same file - Firefox starts the download and creates a file with the original name as a placeholder and downloads the data to a .part file, combining or renaming the file on completion).

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I can’t remember why, but I have a Downloads_iCloud folder and I use Hazel to move anything that appears in my regular downloads folder into this one. I’ve had no issue with temporary files or partial files, personally.