Doxie Pro: Compatibility with ExactScan?

Hello -

I’m interested in the Doxie Pro (DX400), Doxie’s newest scanner. Still, I’d be more enthusiastic if the Pro appeared in the compatibility databases of ExactScan or VueScan, but it doesn’t seem that either of them have any Doxie-related listings. When I contacted ExactCode about the issue, René at ExactCode replied that they’d never heard of Doxie. He asked if I could identify the hardware OEM. “Could you send us the USB Vendor and product ID from the About Your Mac System Report’s USB section?”

Well, sure–I’d love to . . . except, I haven’t got it.

I’ve posted this query at Amazon, without success. What about you all–do any of you have the Doxie Pro, and can you identify the actual hardware manufacturer?


I’m a ScanSnap user, so I can’t really help. But I did look at Doxie’s Documentation. I’m guessin you have to use their software and drivers.