Drafts 11 is out

That’s not a typo. They have changed the versioning of Draft updates.

Drafts 11 on iOS and Mac are out. Just saw it on their forum.



Strange change. macOS and iOS were both 5.10 then both became 11.0. Because why?

It’s the 11th minor release (counting 5.0 as the first.) I suppose now that it’s a subscription, they are not planning to release/sell major releases.

I’m perhaps being quite cynical, but I’d also suspect that a rapidly increasing “version number” will also help satisfy any subscribers who are wondering what their monthly subscription is getting them.

The change is to:

  1. get the mac and ios version numbers in sync; and
  2. drop the major version number because, in the Mac App Store, you can only have three version numbers (e.g. 5.11.2) whereas on iOS you can have four (

The change essentially just drops the leading 5 from both version numbers so the remaining numbers can always be the same.

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The version numbers were previously “in sync” at 5.10, weren’t they?
Could have gone from 5.10 to 5.11 for both versions, yes?

Yes, but you can’t go to on both.

It’s not really a big deal for users, but it helps developers keep things straight, especially when dealing with beta Mac builds and TestFlight iOS builds where you might well see Drafts (Ulysses did a similar switch a year or so ago for what I understand to be similar reasons.)

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Meanwhile we’re on MacOS 10.14 , awaiting the 15th version of OS X…

Yes, macOS XV – alongside, I suppose, iOS XV, for use on our iPhone XV and iPad XV. Neatly aligned across the board :slight_smile:

actually macos XXV - XV was leopard

I do think people might prefer those round numbers. It doesn’t have to be a cynical view if it just makes it easier for people to understand that all the Drafts apps are being updated together and relatively frequently. Drafts is a project where there’s no doubt that ongoing hard work goes into it.

As far as version numbers go:


Visible versioning numbers are just marketing anyway, the eng teams usually have their own idea of releases and versions.

I am not sure where 11 came from but with the move towards a subscription model, having an app be called “Drafts 5” makes little sense. Everyone will always be in the latest version from now on and major versions don’t need to be differentiated.