Drafts 28! Some really nice Apple Watch complications and more

Drafts 28 is released and MPU is quiet on this. Too quiet. So, let’s start talking.

I like that I can now have more options on the Watch complications. I also like Folder Bookmarks. Now, I can do something about sending Drafts to Obsidian.

What other things do you like?


I’m still enthralled by custom syntaxes and styling. I wish every plaintext / markdown app would do something similar — NotePlan has; keeping my fingers crossed for nvUltra and 1Writer. Then I could use the same custom syntaxes across all of them.

@Topre, would be interested in what you configure for Drafts → Obsidian capture using Folder Bookmarks.

Before Folder Bookmarks, I used the “File to save as” action to save my drafts into Obsidian folder. Using this action, I had to navigate to the folders and choose it.

With Folder Bookmark, I create one file save action for each folder in Obsidian. Now, it is just one tap to save my drafts directly into Obsidian folder, instead of navigating into the folder every time. It is a time saver!

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Thanks, @Topre

I set this up on Drafts on macOS – works very nice in conjunction with the template I’ve defined for the Drafts share extension.

One gotcha however – I use Obsidian Sync, and Obsidian recommends not putting vaults into iCloud drive when using Obsidian Sync. So my vaults are in ~/Documents. Obviously that doesn’t work for clipping using Drafts → Obsidian on iOS. I’ll have the Drafts action bookmark an iCloud destination on iOS and then rely on Hazel on macOS to move the file over to my vault in ~/Documents. It’s a simple rule:

The rule is applied to the iCloud Drive folder where the iOS version of the Drafts action that uses “Folder Bookmark” stores files. It moves files to the “inbox” folder in my ~/Documents/Obsidian_Vault

iCloud is flaky. I use Obsidian in Windows PC and I find many occurrences where Obsidian will create a duplicate of the file I’m writing on. And searching on those iCloud files are really slow. I end up making a copy of the whole Vault locally in another drive and use another tool to “sync”, or rather copy, back into iCloud.

@anon41602260, I’m wondering if you could just use the same script on both iOS and macOS but have the folder bookmark point to different places on both platforms. The bookmark locations themselves aren’t shared between mac and iOS.

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I have a few things that I like about it :wink:


What happened to Mac power users’ community who is now in love with electron applications

I think Obsidian is the exception, rather than the norm.

I’m a light Drafts user as far as automation (mostly starting emails, notes and OF tasks), but the watch improvements are very welcome. Drafts is how I look at a few key notes when I don’t have my phone and flagged makes it a lot easier to access them in the midst of chaos, or a low energy gym day. :slight_smile: I’m sure I’ll be capturing more readily with the new options, too. Greg is one of my favorite indie devs.