Drafts 5 Actions

Share the actions that you use in Drafts and make your life easier!

I didn’t make this one action workflow, (OF Taskpaper), I “borrowed” it from @RosemaryOrchard on her blog and it’s been huge for me.


Not sure if you are aware, but as well as @RosemaryOrchard’s (awesome) blog there is also a Drafts 5 Discourse forum at:

where a whole heap of actions are listed and discussed, along with help for creating your own. It’s a great way of finding useful actions in the Action Directory. There is also an RSS feed from the actions directory:


and the Action Groups



Thank you !!! Did not know about this!

I love the list action that Greg made, but I wish there was a way to do the same thing with Bear lists. I know I could set up individual actions that append to specific lists in Bear, but I’d like for a way to do it with the same dialog box that intelligently adds new lists that you’ve used in the past.

I shared a bunch already in the MacStories review. There is a link to the specific section that has actions and action groups that I still use today.

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I have a tweaked version of the action that lets you create new lists quickly in the action and options to append or prepend new items.

My most used is an action that lets you send a group message from a list of common recipients.