Drafts 5 and Taskpaper -> Omnifocus Repeating Weekly setup

I am trying to create a repeating project in Drafts that has several steps that need to occur each Thursday… Here is an example of the taskpaper format I am using in Drafts to generate it … The project and respective tasks work and get into OF but when I go through and mark of items it is not re-creating the tasks/project on the next Thursday… I am probably missing something simple here but been knocking head against wall to figure out… I have tried the “@repeat-method” variables and it’s not setting the project up as something to be done each Thursday…

Test Project Repeating Update: @autodone(true) @due(12-07-2018 10:00) @repeat-method(due-after-completion) @repeat-rule(FREQ=WEEKLY;BYDAY=TH) @parallel(true)
- Consolidate results from team @parallel(true) @autodone(false) @due(12-07-2018 05:00)
- Get updates from team @parallel(true) @autodone(true) @due(12-07-2018 05:00)
- Check with person1 on updates @autodone(false) @due(12-07-2018 04:00)
- Check with person2 on updates @autodone(false) @due(12-07-2018 04:00)
- Check with person3 on updates @autodone(false) @due(12-07-2018 04:00)
- Consolidate and prepare email update to group @autodone(false) @due(12-07-2018 10:00)

Thanks in advance…

I tried this and it worked ok for me. Finishing all the actions completed the project and created a new project due on the 19th July, completing the action in that project created another project with due dates of the 26th.

I copied and pasted the text above into Drafts 4 and used an action I’ve setup to call the Omnifocus past x-callback-url, I doubt that would make any difference to using Drafts 5.

Are you using Omnifocus 3?

Weird. Yes using OF3