#Drafts 5 Multiple Calendar Calendar Entries Calendar 5 and Fantastical

Today, I’m nipping pieces off Drafts. Basic Actions mostly that elicit a yippie response. (yippie as in cowboy explative I-yi-yippie-i)

In another post… I used the add to list action.. On my slightly modified version I’m up to 5 lists now.

This afternoon the action Fantastically Good Event Parser got a that’s neat award. This action works with Fantastical and Readdle Calendar 5, paid version. It puts multiple events on your calendar.


  • install from Actions Directory
  • open a new draft type in natural language a calendar event — Joe 6pm Sept 15
  • carriage return
  • add another date
  • use action
  • check your calendar

Next I’ll add it to my Mark Down group in addition to the Basic Action Group. And shorten its name so it fits compactly on the keyboard tools line.

I have not seen if it works with Apple’s iOS Calendar alone. Natural language input?