Drafts actions on the Mac

Hard to believe nobody has mentioned this yet but…Drafts Mac beta now supports actions. So far 99% of my actions work flawlessly on the Mac with no modification. Really impressed.


I’ve been beta’ing Drafts on Mac since the beginning but it’s hard to get going with actions on the Mac for two reasons:

  1. In my head I associate the actions with iOS.
  2. On Mac I have so many other ways of automating.

I’m wondering what it will take to get me going with it. Any distinct advantages over other methods of automation, apart from the commonality with actions on Drafts for iOS?

Do you have to have a Beta version? I have 15.3.50 but have no actions showing on the Mac version I’m using.

I can confirm that the latest non-Beta version does not have actions, but the Beta version does have actions. Looking forward to this!!

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