Drafts and Notebooks App

Had my own notes journey over the last year thanks to members of this forum.

Written in Markdown for a long time and enjoy it. Obsidian comes along and I got very excited and made it more and more complicated. Found the Daily Note so helpful but wanted something a little more beautiful (it’s in the eye of the beholder!)

Loved Ulysses for just writing and it was great as it came with Setapp but then needed it on the iPad as well and so decided which meant upping the price. So I came off Setapp.

Then moved to iAWriter which I had on the iPad but would need to buy for the Mac. Almost did when I realised I already had Byword and so made that work really well with Marked 2.

But then a number of folk here kept talking about Upnote so I downloaded that yesterday. It’s good, really good, but I wanted my files kept in Finder so looked at Notebooks app. Downloaded it today and within an hour had bought the Mac and iOS versions. Beautiful, full featured. Lovely place to write. So thanks everyone for the nice Christmas present you helped me get myself!

Just one question - how do I get it to work with Drafts? The actions in the directory don’t work. Am I doing something wrong?


Please don’t do this to me, I’m trying to decide and settle on my note app. :rofl:


It’s 30% off @Bmosbacker :smiling_imp:

Notebooks is one of the, what I would call, low-key notes apps. They do their job well, but don’t get a lot of attention.

Off the top of my head:


$$, macOS, iOS


Free/donate, Macos, iOS, Android, Linux, web


Free/donate, macOS, iOS

Thanks, much appreciated.

If you are only writing in markdown, try this with drafts for your daily note template. Export the md /txt file to your local notebooks folder and it will translate it just as much. No drafts action required.

I’m trying to figure out how to save from Drafts to Notebooks user defined inbox. The action in the directory does get it into the app but not inbox where is like it. Anyone have any ideas?

may be a bit off topic , I love both Upnote and Notebooks App.

I now use Upnote mainly for cross platform sync, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux. They all sync perfectly. The web clipper enables me to clip we articles from one platform to another. Their secret link is so power (similar to Craft Notes) but I asked the developer to set up sharing link for folder instead of individual notes. If this can be done, this would be a killer feature.

I use Notebooks App for Apple devices. The app conforms with Apple filing and folder structure. If I drop a file into the notebook of Notebook App , it would move the file from the original location to the NoteBook App folder structure. From a useage perspective, this is purely Apple eco-system, athouight the developer mentioned that I can opt to use other cloud storage (instead of iCloud which I really hate), such as Dropbox, webdav or even NextCloud

Obviously these are looking from a technical perspective, not from a use case angle. For people who are mainly using Apple devices, I would say. Notebooks App would be the way to go as it may have better integration into the eco-system.

Both developers are very open to ideas and are actively enhancing the apps. While I have not tried connecting Draft to Notebooks App, I would say someone would have develop something to make it work.

I used the drafts bookmarking procedure as shown by @mikeschmitz here and it works really well

Thank you @andyupton that worked! And I learned about bookmarks :slight_smile:
And thank you @mikeschmitz

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