Drafts app for MacOS--callback link?

I know that Draft on iOS provides a callback link to a document/sheet but I’m not finding it in the Mac version. Is it available on the Mac version or am I just missing it?

It is there - the URL schemes are cross platform.


This page documents all the URL Schemes (and notes which ones require pro or currently don’t work on the Mac because actions aren’t there).

I believe if you right click on a note in the sidebar then you should be able to copy the callback URL - but I say that when typing from my iPhone :wink:

You are always so helpful and a wealth of information—thank you! I found it. I was looking under the share menu and context menu but its under the copy context menu on the Mac. Sorry to have missed it without your help but I appreciate it!

I hope that Actions come to Drafts for Mac soon—I’d like to be able to preview and export RTF documents from markdown Drafts documents on the Mac like I can from iOS.

Thanks again!

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