Drafts help address

I have been trying to type quick letters in drafts then send to my email as a pdf and print them out. It’s easier cause I don’t have WiFi printing where I work and I basically got a template made on drafts.

The problem I’m having is if the address is set up like this in drafts.

Joe Smith
123 Street
New York, NY 10018

It changes it to

Joe Smith 123 Street New York, NY 10018

I don’t want it one line, does anyone know how to fix it?


This is because markdown needs two spaces at the end of the line or two line breaks to register new paragraphs or lines.

I have a Drafts action which adds two spaces at the end of each line for precisely this: Markdown line breaks.


I have a shortcut that accepts markdown text from any app and creates a PDF that in turn can be shared to any destination that accepts PDFs. Text to PDF

This handles the carriage return issue too.

Pick the Share action from Drafts. Choose this shortcut from Shortcuts. Then at the next Share prompt move the PDF to Files or Mail, etc.

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I’m confused, What is markdown?

Markdown is a markup language that enables you to format and prepare text in order to export it into different formats.

Drafts uses Markdown when you are writing texts.

… and this is a VERY good thing.

In other words, with simple syntax you get nice formatting.

I got another question. If I type stuff in drafts, is it possible to turn it into a pdf in drafts then send that pdf to a group text message I have? I have the group text message in drafts all set. Just can’t figure out the pdf in drafts.