Drafts Interface & Use Case Question

I have Drafts launched with the icon on the Dock and on the menu bar up top. How do I get rid of the icon in the Dock (to reduce clutter) without quitting the program? I just want to access it in the menu bar.

Also, I am using the free version now and wondering about use cases in the Pro version. I don’t see the use for me in Workspaces, and between the Share Sheet and the Basic actions, I’m good. Loving the product more and more as I use it. What are the paid features that you see as must-have? Does it allow you to add Apps to the Action List?

  1. I don’t think there’s an option to hide the dock icon. You could always submit a feature request though.

  2. I use the pro version mostly because I create and use my own actions. As an attorney, I find the ability to create and customize those actions invaluable. I use Drafts to track all my time, record notes of phone calls and meetings to appropriate client folders, etc. You can always try it out for a month and cancel if you don’t like it.

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I just recommend auto-hiding the dock entirely. It only takes a little getting used to for those used to always having a dock visible, and the extra screen space for apps is nice.

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Looks like you can selectively hide apps from the dock with ActiveDock. (Never used it myself.)