Drafts Pro Pricing

Quick question about Drafts subscription pricing. Does the fee cover Mac and iOS, or do I need to pay for each separately?


Drafts Pro is a single, universal subscription for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch - or Mac.

I may be reading too much into it, but the “or” at the end caught my attention. Is it universal for iOS and separate for Mac or universal for all?

Nevermind. Just read this on the subscription page you linked to:

Blockquote"A Drafts Pro subscription can be purchased in the iOS or Mac app. Drafts will share subscriptions purchased on either the iOS or Mac App Store across your devices when using the same iCloud account, with iCloud Drive active, on all devices (e.g. if your Drafts data is syncing, your subscription status will as well)."

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Universal means, IMHO in that case, for all!

Can confirm the subscription is for all devices. Been using it since the Mac app was released.

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Just want to add a small tidbit into family sharing that I ran into that may be of use to others.

In family sharing of the subscription it really only works if its same device OS type (iOS/iPadOS vs macOS) but there is something about the work around that if you have iCloud sync turned on the subscription is shared between OSes.

I came across this because I originally subscribed on my iPhone and for work I use a separate Apple ID but include it in my family. Because of this I was unable to take advantage of my pro subscription unless I was willing to load an Apple ID on a iOS device and turn on iCloud sync with my work Mac. Once my annual subscription was nearing its end I cancelled it and resubscribed through my personal Mac and I was then able to share my subscription with my work Mac.

One Pro subscription covers both my iMac and iPhone.

Haven’t checked out Family Sharing.