Drafts: strange behavior-advice requested

The Drafts app has started exhibiting a strange behavior. When I select text and then select to bold it or type the MD syntax for bold, the draft is immediately sent from the inbox to the archive where I must retrieve it to continue my work.

This happens on my MBP and my iPad. Nothing has changed in my OS’s other than typical OS updates.

I have deleted and reinstalled but the behavior persists.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Is there a way to correct this behavior?

Can you share a screenshot of the Action configuration, specifically the section I’ve highlighted in the screenshot? It’s likely that the action (or a default setting) was accidentally changed to move the draft to “Archived” on completion. Toggling that back should resolve your problem.

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Thanks for the input. I followed your directions and poked around more but could not find the problem. So, I deleted all of the action groups and reinstalled the Basic and Markdown groups. Everything is working fine now. My guess is that one of the actions I’d installed previously was causing a problem.

Thanks again!

It sounds like the action group (which also has the setting @motopascyyy showed) was set incorrectly. I’ve done that at times myself!

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I didn’t even know you could do that on the action group level. Thanks for pointing that out!

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