Drafts web capture - live

In case you missed it: Drafts web capture is live now!

Offers new automation possibilities and now you can create Drafts from non-Apple devices :slight_smile:



Here’s the user guide and various bookmarklets.

For anyone wondering what is happening in the background, this info from the user guide is useful:

How Drafts Web Capture Works

Drafts Web Capture uses Apple’s CloudKit JS to communicate directly with Apple’s iCloud servers to create drafts in your Drafts private datastore.

The tool operates client-side in your browser, communicating only with Apple’s iCloud servers over secure connections. It does not pass through any of our servers, including for authentication purposes, nor does the tool rely on a local installation of Drafts - and thus can operate in any compatible browser on any platform.

Once the tool successfully creates drafts, they will sync automatically with your installations of the app on iOS and Mac.

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