Dragon for MAC Has been Discontinued. User Guide for Dictation on the MAC?

Is there a users guide for Dictation on the MAC.

I think that dictation on the MAC is a little known diamond mind that could really help with productivity.

They don’t make it easy to find out how to effectively use it.

I would like a list that I could print for Reference of all of the advanced command that can be used with Dictation and commands that can be issued to the MAC.

Any Pointers?


Here is a list of the commands from DictationCommands.com


I also included setup tips and how to create custom commands.

You do it in Accessibility

Here is a link to some good dictation Videos.


Combining PDFs and Working with Finder are pretty good videos

Thanks for these…

Dragon Dictate is the only thing keeping me from updating from High Sierra at the moment, so options to expand beyond it using macOS’s built-in options will probably have to be explored at some point…

That being said, it appears to be a bit ‘thin on the ground’ in terms of simple text manipulation – which is really what I am looking to replace (as opposed to managing/operating the system as a whole, using voice)?

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PC users seem to get much more out of Dragon, including the ability to tab between cells in tables.

Anyone have any experience using Parallels and Dragon?

I don’t personally have experience with Parallels and Dragon but a friend does and he says it works very well.

Check out the videos above. He creates a whole keynote presentation just using his voice.

It is amazing what you can do and as a long time Dragon user it seems to cover 80%.

Try it out for a bit. It’s free. Dictationcommands.com has a lot of good info.