Draw on macOS screen using Apple Pencil through iPad?

I want to do this …

  • Project my macOS screen through a video projector OR project my macOS screen during a video recording (with Camtasia).
  • Use my ApplePencil 2 on my iPad to draw, highlight, and showcase various parts of the projected screen.

I thought that ScreenBrush would do this. It turns the iPad into a “wand” that moves the drawing cursor around on the screen.

I cannot use SideCar (my MBP is not up to snuff). I do not believe SideCar offers this option in any case.

Does something exist like this on the iPad? Alternatively, does something like this exist using some additional hardware (e.g. Luna Display)?


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Why not just use the iPad to project? Are you trying to use a specific piece of macOS software?

Edovia’s TouchPad or Screens might do the trick.


Not used it myself but I’ve heard of an iPad app called AstroPad, essentially it’s supposed to allow you to use your iPad with your Mac as a graphics tablet like a Wacom. That might be part of the solution at least.

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I am creating demonstrations in macOS software, I want to annotate over them in real-time during a lecture or annotate over them after the fact. Actually, I realized that I can do the latter in Camtasia. So what I want is to annotate over a projected screen real time.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I have to sideline this investigation to handle an immediate need to assemble my resources for on-line lectures.


Maybe too late. But you can use Explain Everything EDU. Quite a good all in one piece of software. I use a more complicated setup for a digital whiteboard in which I record. I too have moved entirely online. Maybe until August.

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I will resurrect this.

I again went searching for an iPad app that would allow me to annotate over the iPad display while mirroring a screen from my MBP via SideCar. I now found this.

It does the basics fairly well.

From what I see, the more sophisticated app AstroPad will do annotations only when the native macOS app supports the markup features directly. The same may be true of Duet.

Are there truly no other competitors for Epic-Pen?


So how to use Macbook + Ipad + Apple Pencil + Epicpen?