Drawing app - iPad and Mac connected?

I am thinking about teaching workflows and tinkering. I like how Keynote on Mac connects with the iPad as a keynote remote and allowing annotations with the Apple Pencil. I would also like to occasionally use a drawing app - is there one that would pop up on the Mac automatically as soon as I start using it on the iPad? Doesn’t seem like that exists but I wish it did.

Second best would be if I could make keynote on iPad go to a white screen while using it as a keynote remote. The Mac screen goes white, but not the iPad……

Any ideas?

I have used EpicPen to annotate over content in a presentation mode. When the iPad is in attached mode, slide the pen menu across the macOS window to go onto the iPad window.

Otherwise, I’ve not yet found a seamless approach to toggle between actively displayed content and a blank whiteboard when I use my iPad as the presentation tool to show content from macOS. FWIW, my approach uses Curio, displaying the content in a stand-alone window. This also allows me to swap over to use the iPad+Apple pencil in other interactive applications, e.g. graphs developed with python widgets in JupyterNotebooks.


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You just gave me a great idea. I have to teach using Adobe Connect. I have felt handicapped because I can’t do my Zoom trick of running Keynote with an iPad as remote and then using my Apple Pencil to annotate live.

But I just tried putting the 12.9” iPad Pro in Sidecar mode, putting Adobe Connect on the iPad, and then annotating slides using the built-in Adobe Connect tools. It works! A bit kludgey but I might be brave and try this for my next class.

The only problem is that typically I have notes on the iPad. Clearly the only solution is to have a second iPad Pro :joy:.

Take care for latency and drop-out issues. Presumably your school WiFi is well-enough tuned to high-enough band-width, especially in the room where you present with all the other things you might be using at the same time.

To this end, you may want to test also having a hard-wired ethernet connection to the macOS computer (e.g. to do the Zoom) even while you have WiFi between the iPadOS and macOS. You will have to have the same WiFi on the iPadOS and macOS for Sidecar.

An alternative solution is to export the notes as PDF and incorporate them in advance as supplements to appear in your presentation. IOW, eliminate the need to switch out from the iPad showing macOS via Sidecar and into your iPad showing iPadOS.

Keep us updated on the success of failure. Others here are surely also interested.


I’m doing this Adobe Connect trick in my own office, with good internet, Ethernet to my iMac and a cable between the iPad Pro and my iMac. But, yeah, I’ll only try this once with real students, if it fails then I’ll go back to poor annotations.

Try astropad studio to use the ipad for drawing and control of mac screen

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