Drawing app with no undo

Is there a drawing app with no undo?

To not possible to undo any changes is the key feature I’m looking for.

Drawing apps are typically created for iPad, but for reasons that I don’t think are interesting to listen about, I need this app to work on Mac as well.

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Something web based, with custom JavaScript to disable the undo?

As the “Undo”-Function is one of the main functions of an App like that, I would really wonder, if you could find one without it.

Maybe an App with a kind of a logging function would be the next best you could get in that direction?

Tis unlikely that you will find an app that fits this need.
Most people cannot resist the undo.
The software you choose may not be the matter here.
The question is: can you resist the undo?

Probably not what you had in mind, but fits the specifications: Etchpad