Drive Genius 6 upgrade

I use Drive Genius 5. The other day a window popped up with an offer to subscribe to Drive Genius 6 at a discount. Is this for real? Is it worth it?

Maybe they’re offering a discount before officially announcing the update. Does v.5 claim to work in Catalina? Are you happy with the app?

I uninstalled iStatMenus even though I’ve got a registered copy. Instead I periodically launch the SMARTreporter menubar app, check my drives, then quit. I also own CleanMyMacX, which I significantly underuse, with it sitting in my menubar mainly to quick-delete the Trash, do an occasional quick-and-dirty RAM cleanse, and peek at processor usage if something seems wonky. But I could probably live without any of it, and get along with periodically running some free apps like Onyx/Maintenance/Deeper.

Back in the day, when I had less an old Mini with less RAM and had a lot more System issues, I needed to be able to monitor macOS more closely, and tweak the internal fan to keep internal temperatures down. But I find I really don’t need most of the features of most of my utility apps. When CleanMyMacX or iStat offer their next upgrades (I last upgraded in 2018 and 2017, respectively) I’m not sure I’ll go for it.