Drobo 5D3 working just fine with Ventura

For those following the Drobo survival and Ventura support saga.

I upgraded to MacOS Ventura 13 on the 17th of November, pleased to report everything is working just fine. Also confirmed by a few other folks that I know and a few Twitter threads. Hoping that we see come kind of update from Drobo/Storcentric soon, before my passive search for a new redundant USB4/TB4 DAS solution needs to turn active.

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Unfortunatly, Drobo is dead. There is no coming back from what happened to them. I have several Drobos, and I have stuck them in shelves and left them there. Luckily the software works in Rosetta II in Ventura. But there is never going to be another Drobo product. Sadly, or not.

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You are indeed correct, My two Drobo are still working just fine, however are now secondary devices(sadly).

Beyond OWC, anyone got a great tip on other simple RAID solutions, or am I dreaming about throughput issues with NAS with spiny Hess?