Drobo 5N - replaced fan, now only running when drobo turned off

I replaced the fan in my Drobo 5N following these instructions, but now the fan would only start if I plugged it in, then it would turn off immediately as soon as I turned on the drobo. How is this even possible?

Thermal sensor or some other wire connected backwards?

The only thing I did was to rewire / reconnect the connector of the fan, I took off the old one, and replaced it on the new one. The new one had 3 wires, the 3rd one (yellow) I’m not using, so was I told here - what could I have possibly done wrong?

Plus I don’t think the Drobo 5N has a thermal sensor, but I might be wrong.

I have the exact same issue on a Drobo 5N!! This is driving me crazy!
Did you ever find a way to fix it? I might try different fans, but this does not make much sense…

Please let me know!!!