Drobo question re mSATA

I have a Drobo 5N and the dashboard has just informed me that the mSATA SSD has failed. This is an accelerator so does not affect the storage but will have an impact on performance. It is additional to the usual drives and fits in the bottom of the device.


I have a Sandisk X110 64gb mSATA installed and it looks like this model is discontinued. (I have had the Drobo since 2014)

Question: can I install a much bigger mSATA such as 250gb or 500gb? Is there any benefit in doing so? The manual does not say a limit but is pretty silent on what mSATA devices are suitable.

Check out this article for recommended sizes and brands.

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Someone on amazon (so, who knows?) says his Drobo won’t benefit from more than 128 GB; the linked page JoePreiser put up says “the bigger the capacity the more files you can access faster.”

Have you found an mSATA accelerator has improved your experience with the 5N?

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@timlawson, how do you use the 5N? I had several of these at my last job and saw no reason to use the accelerator since these were only used as additional storage (for mainly personal files) and backup for my executives and key employees. I did install an mSATA on our B810 SAN since it was constantly used by multiple users.

I found several old threads with recommendations for replacements but all were listed as “currently unavailable”. Good luck.

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Thanks @JoePreiser, that is a useful article.

@Timo I have always had the mSATA in the Drobo so don’t know any different! Used a Netgear NAS before and when I updated to Drobo the accelerator was included.

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Thanks @WayneG, I mainly use the Drobo for backup and long term archiving so I am not constantly accessing it like perhaps a traditional network shared drive. It is also my TimeMachine drive for two iMacs.

On that basis I suppose the accelerator is not making much difference for me! I may remove the old one and try for a while without it and see if I notice :slight_smile: