Dropbox and Synology NAS

Picked up a topic in one of the last MPU episodes of syncing Dropbox with a Synology NAS. This intrigued me as I am looking for ways to get the Dropbox app off my computer. It is way too resource hungry and also I cannot opt-out on functionality/Intrusion I don’t want.

I can’t let go of Dropbox altogether as I have many shared folders for work and hobbies that I cannot conveniently recreate in an alternative solution.

So here is what I would like to do:
Use Synology Cloudsync to synchronise Dropbox with NAS and use Synology Drive to map that Dropbox shared folder on my NAS.

This way I can keep Dropbox as a service, but don’t need the app installed on my computer. At the same time, all files I put in the folders will sync to NAS and Dropbox and I can use it both at home as well as on-the-go in real-time. Synology Drive will also give me an extra file management option on the iPad.

Think this will work, though can imagine some app sync functionality (Airmail, Devonthink, Keyboard Maestro, Hazel, Alfred) to be impacted.

Anyone runs this setup successfully? Any other risks or pitfalls that I will encounter?


I’ve been contemplating this too so I can get a new Mac mini with a smaller internal drive but still have access to my ~1 TB Dropbox files. (They warn against having on an external, so my current is an older mini with a 1 TB SSD and 1TB HDD internal).

I’ve done similar, the only thing I don’t do is sync the Mac with the Synology, I just mount the folder via SMB and that works perfectly fine.

I’ve had no issues so far, but I generally moved syncing items to iCloud instead. Exception would be Forklift 3, but that does it via the Dropbox API anyhow, so doesn’t need Dropbox to be installed.

I cant see issues with using the Cloud Sync folder being the same as a Synology Drive folder but I’ve never tried it.

I’ve done similar with Onedrive, but have gone back to installing that on the Mac, as then it allows Word/Excel/PowerPoint to auto save and doesn’t effect others editing the file at the same time.

I went ahead and took the plunge.

Moved all App sync to iCloud and Cloud Sync Dropbox to the Synology and use Synology Drive to sync select folders with my PC at home as well as the hosted mini at MacStadium.

All works like a charm, is near instant and no more FTP to the hosted machine. Just drop the files in the right folder and automagically they appear on the hosted machine v.v.