Dropbox free password manager released

(NB: No longer by invite only)
Also not sure if there is a macOS app.

Dropbox Passwords provides password security by storing all your passwords in one secure place, then fills in usernames and passwords so you can instantly sign in to websites and apps. You can easily create and store unique, secure passwords as you sign up for new accounts.


  • Sign in to apps and websites with one click
  • Store passwords as you sign in to sites and apps
  • Access your passwords from anywhere with automatic syncing to all your devices

Never get locked out of your accounts again. Using this new password keeper from Dropbox, you can sign in to your favorite banking, streaming, and e-commerce sites and apps—you can even shop and checkout securely.

Passwords secures your credentials with zero-knowledge encryption, so your passwords are protected from hacks and only accessible by you.

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According to this page they are building a Mac app. I’ll only be interested once it has the family sharing features, which are coming.

Not sure I want to go through the hassle of moving all my family away from 1Password though, especially as even my parents use it and they’re in their 80s, so any change is a big thing for them. Introducing 1Password took a lot of work!

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I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago in this thread. It’s nice to know that there’s competition in the space but I’ll let gung-ho guinea pigs try out apps like this with their own important personal data, and let them deal with the inevitable bugs and teething pains. (Think about how it took 1Password and Dashlane years to become substantially bug-free and painless.)


The “free” description is a bit of a misnomer IMHO, since you have to have Dropbox Plus or Dropbox Pro. I realize many (most? all?) MPU’ers use Dropbox, but I don’t.

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Has anyone used the Dropbox password manager and vault? I’m interested to find out how it compares with 1Password. Thanks!