Dropbox on iOS question

I currently use Dropbox for most all of my file storage. This works great on the Mac, but occasionally, say one out of ten times, when I go to save a file in iOS the system hangs. I’m using the “Save to Dropbox” contextual shortcut from the share sheet. The fix is to go into the Dropbox app on the iOS device and then go back to whatever app I was in before (usually email). Then it works fine. I wrote this nifty Siri Shortcuts app that saves PDFs from email to Dropbox but these occasional hangs take all the thrill out of it when it fails like this.

Anyone else have this problem? I’m tempted to just switch over to iCloud for file storage since I’m guessing the iOS Files app might be less troublesome, but wanted to check with this braintrust to make sure this was a bug that others also experience in Dropbox…

I have a feeling you’re running into a memory issue. Essentially when an app runs in Siri or from the share sheet the amount of memory it’s allowed to use is less than it can use when running standalone. If the files this issue happens with are quite large then that’s likely the issue. You could “fix” your shortcut by adding the Continue Shortcut in App action and that should enable it to save without a hitch.

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@RosemaryOrchard thank you! Makes sense. I’ll give that a shot. Another example of why I’ve set the voice on my HomePod to be a British female - a tribute to Rose!

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