Dropbox user living in a Google World

Hi All,

I use and really like dropbox - some of the more recent updates make it even more valuable and I find myself using DT less and less (but that’s for another day!)

Anyone else live in a Google world, but like and use dropbox?? Looking for some best practices… or is the best practice to just keep them separate and deal with it :slight_smile:



I was a Dropbox premium & DT user until I spent some time archiving A LOT of my files. Once my online storage dropped below 200G I made the move to Google Drive. Today I use my 3.5G Dropbox as an Inbox for apps that only offer DB for sharing, saving, etc.

I find that Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud can work & play well together if you give them “proper supervision”. That job I assigned to Hazel.

My primary computer is an iPad, but an always on Mac mini running Hazel makes sure that my files end up in the proper bucket. After that they are backed up locally via Time Machine and offsite on S3 via Arq.

I see no problem mixing & matching online storage. A Mac has no problem, and I use FileBrowser on IOS to handle the situations the Files app can’t handle. And iPadOS looks like it may even make FB unnecessary.

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