Droplr replacement for image hosting?

The new Droplr update (5.5) eliminates a feature I used a lot: optionally copy either an HTML or phbBB-formated link to an image stored at Droplr. The link can be pasted into a forum (Discourse or phbBB). Droplr has eliminated the feature, and now only offers a direct-download link.

Is there a Droplr replacement that provides those image-hosting links?

EDIT: Ooops – answered my own question. CloudApp does what I need.

I have ‘lite’ lifetime pro versions of both Droplr and CloudApp. For direct paste I also have switched to CloudApp.

A free alternative I previously used was Jing (which Techsmith hides on its site, trying instead to get you to buy SnagIt), although IIRC there was limited bandwidth, so if you posted in a bust forum the image could go missing after x number of views.

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I have lifetime subscription for both Droplr and CloudApp as well. Another alternative to consider is Skitch by Evernote, or Evernote app itself.

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CoudApp is amazing. You can even use your own domain for sharing image links.

I got a lifetime subscription via CultOfMac’s marketplace/deals

That’s actually CultOfMac getting a commission on a StackSocial deal. :grinning: Numerous sites, including CultOfMac and Macworld, are essentially resellers who snag a commission on StackSocial’s offerings.

In 2016 I got a lifetime CloudApp ‘Pro Lite’ subscription on StackSocial for $24.99, and also got a lifetime Droplr lite Pro plan for around the same price there too. They’re very close in capabilities, and I use them both.

The Droplr plan (which pops up infrequently on StackSocial and sites it feeds its deals through) offers up to 2Gb file size drops, 50GB/mo bandwidth transfer, unlimited uploads, permanent drops, and custom branding.

The CloudApp subscription is a little confusing - when I bought it I thought it also offered up to 2Gb file size drops, but other documentation says 100Mb max file size. It too offers unlimited drag-and-drops, as well as 30 seconds HD screen recording, and 30 seconds Webcam video recording

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