Dropped M1 Air... everything seems fine, but would love some reassurance!

Ahoy! So… I’m a teacher in a giant public school and we share classrooms, so I transport my supplies via a big ol’ cart. While transporting my stuff into a classroom, my M1 Air vibrated off the cart and landed CORNER FIRST onto a tile floor. My life flashed before my eyes.

Picked it up and investigated and all seems fine. Stuff works, starts, restarts, nothing cracked or broken that I could see. After much investigation, I noticed one issue: the bottom panel of the MacBook Air is no longer flush with the rest of the laptop in the corner that broke the fall.

The first image shows the slight “damage”, the second image shows what it SHOULD look like.

This seems super minor, especially since everything still works, but it bugs me. Brought to Genius Bar and the guy poked around at it to make sure battery didn’t seem swollen and said it’s all good/not worth opening things up and sent me on my way! I’m relieved, but just wanted to get a second opinion so I can rest easy knowing my beloved and relatively new device is a-okay.

Thanks for your time!


I once slung a backpack with two MacBooks (one Air, one Pro) onto my back. When I went to slip my arm into the second strap, I missed and it flew off my back and hit a concrete floor. That’s the day that I found out that the backpack wasn’t well enough padded and that MacBooks can continue to work with dented corners. They worked for fine for years, and the dents reminded me to be very, very mindful of how I handle my computers and of the quality of bags that I carry them in.

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OOF. It really is painful, isn’t it?

I try to remind myself that stuff is going to get beat up and scuffed over the years anyway. I think about how after I’ve had a phone a couple years, I just chuck it around with reckless abandon.

Guess I will just want to accept the blemish on the corner and slight bulge in the panel as my own reminder to be mindful of how I handle this guy.

EDIT: Your username is quite fitting for this thread.

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Looks like you’re all good.
I wouldn’t open it up unless necessary for something else, as it might be hard to get it back together as well as it is now.

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Nooo, all the performance was in that little corner! Just kidding; luck smiled on you today. Cosmetic wound only.


What a scary predicament. Sorry that happened. I have a MB Air M1 too and I’d be devastated. Are you sure you have to take it to school? Never mind. I’m happy it seems ok. There are hardshell protective covers. I just don’t know how much impact they can tolerate. I’d consider looking into that. You might have a problem getting it to fit though because of the slight damage your 'puter sustained.


The Pink ones are nice!


Apple Support once told me that these hard shell covers weighed down on the lid and will cause the lid to loose it’s tension over the years. Then, the lid will not be able to stand on its own. I would wouldn’t recommend them.

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should be fine. dropped mine 3 months ago, down from the middle steps of stair and sliding to bottom. no performance decrease, no overheat, no screen flickering, no keyboard stuck this far

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at least no moving parts inside… that is why is still alive…


You would recommend them or you wouldn’t? I wouldn’t want the top not staying up.

I don’t even take mine outside. So I likely won’t bother. I would think though they’d practically be a must for travelling.

Thanks, Topre! (And thanks for the $70!)

I came really close to buying one last night.


I am not sure I agree though. A padded sleeve or a backpack with a thick underside for laptop would make more sense and have better protection.

I once had a backpack sling broke off and dented a one month old MBA. What a heart ache. But, the 2013 MBA is being used daily and the lid is still staying up, so I’m glad I didn’t buy any hard shell case too.

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Oh ok. No travel plans in the future. Thank you!