Dual Monitor Question

I need some advice/help with a dual monitor question. I have the Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q 27-Inch Screen. I am considering buying a 2nd one so that it can be placed in a vertical position. For those who use dual monitors, do you buy the exact same size, or do you buy a smaller size for vertical positioning? I am trying to think of the aesthetics as well. The plan is to keep one vertical and one horizontal, but to also have the ability that in the future I might switch them to both horizontal (depending on the project).


A 2nd 27" in portrait mode will look ugly and is probably way to big to see a document in its full length.
Find a smalle display that has the about the same physical with as the height of the main screen.

This DELL Ultrasharp U2412M could be a nice match.

I’d go for another 4K monitor.
You can mount them (assuming they have vesa mounts) on a dual arm such as this, which I’ve used with a couple of 24s. They swivel and move around, so you can decide what you like and change your mind.

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I wouldn’t do this. The advantage to having a rotated screen is the extra vertical space. If you pick a monitor that’s only as wide as the first is tall, then you’d get the exact same vertical space as just using two identical monitors in landscape, and lose the extra width you could use to display multiple widows/documents side-by-side.

So get two screens that are the same size, and either rotate one for more height or don’t, but getting a smaller monitor presents neither of the benefits you want from a second screen.

I have the exact same 27-inch in landscape but I also have a 24-inch in vertical.

I do a lot of writing and have found that the vertical screen works great for that. I expand whatever writing app I’m using to fullscreen so it’s a distraction free environment. Because it’s vertical, I don’t feel like I’m wasting any space and I can get a good idea of the context of my current sentence, as I can see just enough of the previous text. I use my landscape display for research and reference. I love this setup!

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Question what display is in front of you when writing. Portait or landscape ?-)

Neither? My portrait is to the right and my research monitor is left. Turning just those few inches gives me some extra separation between writing and research and helps me focus a little better (I think). They’re close enough that turning back and forth doesn’t require much head movement (important since I don’t want problems with neck/back issues); just enough to provide that visual separation and physical reminder that I’m writing or researching.

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Anyone who uses dual screen setup, may you share a screenshot of your setup and also what monitor sizes that you are using please?

Still trying to see if a 27 vertical will look nice next to a 27 horizontal.